How do I switch my service to a new phone?

Red Pocket makes it simple for you to upgrade your phone at any time.

When you are looking to purchase or swap to a new phone, first check to be sure your phone is compatible with our network, read  Will my phone work with Red Pocket Mobile?

Please note! Due to 3G shutdowns and network changes, only phones with VoLTE capability will function properly. Click here to find out if your phone is VoLTE capable.

Once you have confirmed your new device is valid:

Step 1: Take your Red Pocket SIM from your current phone.

Step 2: With your new phone turned off, open the phone's SIM tray and insert your Red Pocket Mobile SIM.

Step 3: Power on your new phone and it will program automatically.

If you don't get a signal after 15 minutes, complete the APN network configuration manually. Visit to learn how. 


What will happen if I put my SIM into a phone that is not compatible?

If you insert your SIM card into a phone that is not compatible with our networks, your services will not work properly, including text and data, and all calls may be routed to customer service.

If you're trying to find out how to swap from one SIM card to another on your existing Red Pocket Mobile account, read our Changing or replacing the SIM card number on your account article for more information. 


What are my options if the new phone I have is not available for use on one of the networks?

If your new phone is not valid for use on any one of our wireless networks, It may be that your phone is locked to a specific carrier, locked to a different network than the one you have a SIM for, or it is not VoLTE-capable. 

Please consider upgrading your device. Visit