How Do I Activate my SIM?

How do you activate your SIM when switching to RedPocket? Read on for details on transferring your number and setting up your device.

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How do I activate my SIM?

Step 1: Visit and enter your Confirmation Code or your SIM card's ICCID number. You must also enter your phone's serial number (IMEI or MEID)

Note: A confirmation code is provided after you order your service plan. This code is entered when you're ready to activate, making it easy to assign your service plan to your new line. You can click here if you need help finding your confirmation code

Note: If you cannot locate your Confirmation Code or do not have a Confirmation Code from your order, you can enter your SIM card's ICCID number.

Step 2: Next, you can log in using the existing RedPocket account or create an online account during activation. 

Note: If you are an existing customer with a RedPocket Mobile SIM card but would like to know how to swap or replace your current SIM card with another, read our Changing or replacing the SIM card number on your account article instead to learn more. 

I am transferring my phone number.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to bring your current phone number to RedPocket, please be sure to transfer your number during the activation process. You must wait to transfer a phone number from another carrier.

It is essential to be 100% accurate with your number transfer information. If incorrect information is provided, it can cause delays. If you wish to get a new RedPocket phone number, your Service Zip Code will be used to generate your area code and phone number.

If you are transferring an existing phone number, please wait until the number transfer is finished before starting the process. You can view the status of your number transfer by logging in to your account.

Once you're done, you can set up your device.

Physical SIM card

You can insert your SIM card into your phone and power on your device. Once your device has powered on, you will receive a text message triggering an automatic APN (access point name) setup. Your device should receive a signal within 15 minutes. 

Your APN settings are responsible for your phone's internet connection. If you don't get a connection automatically, please follow the quick and easy steps to manually configure your APN settings and start using your new RedPocket line.

Visit for manual APN configuration steps. 


Important: Please allow 5 minutes before trying to activate your eSIM.

Your eSIM details were delivered by email. Open your phone's Settings application and navigate to the Cellular settings section. Tap on the "Add New" option and, when prompted, scan the QR code that was sent to you by email from RedPocket Mobile. 

You can follow the prompts on your device's screen to install your new eSIM. If you need help locating your QR code, scanning your QR code, or setting up your new eSIM line, follow the quick and easy steps to configure your eSIM manually.

Visit for manual eSIM setup steps. 

Need help? Here are more detailed instructions for each step.