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Lifeline, the EBB program, the ACP program, and Red Pocket Mobile

Red Pocket Mobile does not participate in the Lifeline program at this time. Red Pocket Mobile participates in the ACP program, apply at redpocket.com/assist.

What’s the difference between EBB, ACP and Lifeline? 

Lifeline is another program that helps qualified applicants with internet and phone service by subsidizing the cost of your plan. Lifeline approved applicants, like EBB or ACP approved applicants, must use a service provider who works with the Lifeline program to acquire service.

At this time, Red Pocket Mobile does not provide service for Lifeline approved applicants, but this may change in the future. 

This website can help locate Lifeline service providers: https://data.usac.org/publicreports/CompaniesNearMe/Download/Report

Please Note: This program no longer applies. Information here is for reference purposes only. The EBB program has been replaced with the ACP program. Click here to learn more about the ACP program and how to apply. 

If I’m enrolled in the Lifeline Program, can I receive free service through Lifeline with Red Pocket now that the EBB Program ends?

Unfortunately, Red Pocket Mobile does not support the Lifeline Program at this time. Your Lifeline benefits must be used with a Lifeline service provider.

Consider applying for the ACP program, the Affordable Connectivity Program that is currently accepting applications. Visit redpocket.com/assist

If you decide to keep your account with Red Pocket Mobile, the EBB program has ended, and you do not qualify for the ACP program, your plan will be charged at our standard monthly rates.