Port Your Number to Red Pocket Mobile | A Step-by-Step Guide

If you've ever changed your cell phone service provider, you might have encountered the term 'port number.' In this article, we'll clarify what it is and its significance and provide a step-by-step guide to the Red Pocket process.

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What does 'port number' mean?

A port number is a numerical identifier assigned to a specific network service or application running on a computer. Porting a number allows your phone number to be transferred from one wireless carrier to another. It is also known as a local routing number, or LRN. 

When you port your number, you keep the same phone number but change the underlying network that provides your service.  

What are the benefits of porting my number?

Porting your number can have many benefits, including the following:

  • Saving money: You may find a better deal with a different provider that offers lower rates, more features, or better coverage.
  • Keeping your contacts: You can avoid the hassle of updating your friends, family, and business associates with a new number.
  • Maintaining your identity: Your phone number is part of your personal or professional brand, and you should keep it consistent across different platforms and devices.

What do I need to know before porting my number?

Before porting your phone number, you should know a few things:

  • You need an active account with both the old and the new provider.
  • You need to check if your phone is compatible with the new network and if it is unlocked.
  • You need to follow the instructions from both providers and provide the necessary information, such as your account number, PIN, and billing address.
  • It would be best to wait for confirmation that the porting is complete before you cancel your old service.

Can I port a number when I switch to Red Pocket?

The answer is yes. You can port your number when you switch to Red Pocket Mobile. Porting your number means transferring it from your old carrier to your new one without changing your phone or SIM card. Porting your number is easy and free with Red Pocket Mobile.

Can I port my landline to Red Pocket?

Yes! You can port a landline to Red Pocket by following the steps below.

Note: Porting in your landline phone number can take up to 14 business days to complete. 

Can I port my VoIP? number to Red Pocket?

Yes, you can port your VoIP number to Red Pocket. For example, Google Voice and Whatsapp.

How to Choose a Red Pocket Plan and Activate it:

Step 1- Check device compatibility

When switching to Red Pocket, you must first check if your phone is compatible with Red Pocket Mobile's network. You can do this by visiting our activation page and entering your phone's IMEI number.

You must click 'activate sim card' or 'activate family plan SIM.'

Step 2- Choose a plan

You can choose a Red Pocket Mobile phone plan that suits your needs and budget. You can compare our plans and features on the Red Pocket Plans page. This also includes prepaid plans and family plans.

Step 3- Select your SIM and begin activation

Once you have chosen your perfect plan and ordered a Red Pocket Mobile eSIM or physical SIM card online or by buying one from a participating retailer. You will receive a confirmation email with your activation code and porting instructions. You can also visit our Plans and Activation page to begin activation. 

Step 4- Activation process

Activate your Red Pocket Mobile service online or call our customer support.

You must enter your confirmation code (in your confirmation email), SIM card, ICCID number, and device ID on the activation page. 

You will also need to provide your old carrier's account number and PIN number, as well as your phone number and SIM card number. This information can be found on your online account with your previous carrier.

Ensure all information is entered and accurate. Then, Click 'Complete Activation.' 

What is the Red Pocket porting process? 

Step 1- Begin number transfer

Choose to start a phone number transfer on the confirmation information page. There, you will find a port request form that needs to be filled out to begin the porting process. Press 'Begin Number Transfer' to begin the porting process.

Note: Please make sure that you fill out every field accurately. Accurate information can confirm that the number transfer process is completed on time. 

Step 2- Complete Activation 

Wait for the porting process to complete after activation. This may take up to 24 hours, but usually, it is much faster. 

Step 3- Transfer request confirmation

You will then receive a transfer request confirmation. This is the final step before your numbers are transferred. 

You will receive a confirmation email when your number is successfully ported to Red Pocket Mobile. Porting can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Porting a landline can take up to 14 working days to complete. 

How will I know if my phone number has finished porting to Red Pocket Mobile?

You will receive a confirmation email once your number has been fully ported to Red Pocket Mobile. If you would like more information on how you will know if your phone number has successfully been ported over, please visit our port number completion help desk article

How do I get my Red Pocket port number after activation?

If you have activated your Red Pocket SIM card and want to port your number to another carrier, you might be wondering how to get your port number. Here are the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Red Pocket account on the website or the app.
  2. Go to the "My Lines" section and select the port-out line.
  3. Follow the instructions on the "Port Out" button.
  4. You will receive a text message with your port and account numbers.
  5. You can use these numbers to start the porting process with your new carrier.

Note: Porting out your number will cancel your Red Pocket service automatically. Make sure you have enough balance and service days left before porting out. Also, do not manually cancel your Red Pocket service before the porting is complete, or you might lose your number.

Which network is Red Pocket Mobile?

Red Pocket Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers plans on your choice of any major US network. Red Pocket Mobile does not have its network infrastructure but instead uses the networks of the three biggest carriers to provide customer coverage and service.  

  • GSMT - GSMT stands for GSM T-Mobile, which means that this network works with most T-Mobile-compatible, GSM unlocked, and CDMA LTE unlocked devices. GSM is a global standard for mobile communications that uses SIM cards to identify and authenticate users. GSMT provides 5G speeds on compatible Apple and Android phones and requires VoLTE (Voice over LTE) capability for activation.
  • GSMA- GSMA stands for GSM AT&T, which means this network works with most AT&T-compatible, GSM unlocked, and CDMA LTE unlocked devices. GSMA offers the largest US GSM coverage and 5G speeds on compatible Android and Apple iPhone devices.
  • CDMA- CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access, a different technology from GSM that does not use SIM cards but instead assigns a unique code to each user. CDMA works with most Verizon-compatible LTE devices and GSM-unlocked devices.

To check the coverage of each network, you can visit RedPocket.com/coverage and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the coverage maps.

What is the best plan for me to make international calls?

We recommend visiting our Red Pocket Annual Plans page for more details on plans that include international calling. 

How do I contact Red Pocket customer support?

You can visit Red Pocket's customer service page for quick and easy access to Red Pocket customer support.

Does Red Pocket work with any other carrier?

As Red Pocket is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), it can offer discounted plans on three major networks: GSMA, GSMT, and CDMA.

What if my account status says 'Port-in Resolution Required'?

If your account status is Port-in Resolution Required, your previous carrier denied the port due to incorrect information. To resolve this issue quickly, you can contact your previous carrier to confirm the correct information needed to complete the port. Then, you can contact Red Pocket support through live chat, phone, or email (support@redpocket.com) to update your port request.

What if my number hasn't ported after 24 hours?

If your port is pending for longer than 24 hours, please get in touch with your previous carrier to request confirmation of the port request.

What if my number did NOT transfer successfully?

If your phone number did not successfully transfer, you will receive an email that looks like this:

This could have occurred for various reasons. Maybe you entered the incorrect information or had an issue with your previous carrier. Request your 'phone number transfer details or call our customer support team on the next best steps.