Purchasing a phone unlocked

Red Pocket Mobile has amazing offers on phones, whether you purchase one that is locked or unlocked.

Carrier unlocked phones

When your phone is purchased from redpocket.com/shop and the status of Unlocked is chosen during your order, your device will arrive carrier unlocked, and can be used on any GSM carrier in the United States. 

Your phone can also be used with each of Red Pocket Mobile’s wireless networks (including the GSMA, the GSMT or the CDMA) networks, giving you the opportunity to change your plan and network as your needs change.

Android phones purchased from Red Pocket Mobile are sold carrier unlocked and can be used with any GSM carrier in the US, as well as any of Red Pocket Mobile’s wireless networks.

Can I use a CDMA carrier?

Your unlocked phone is a GSM phone. However, you can now use your phone with a CDMA carrier. Sprint and Verizon wireless were the only major CDMA carriers in the United States. The Sprint network has shutdown and the Verizon wireless network has expanded to offer and support GSM technology. As a result, most modern phones are now GSM compatible phones, even if they were purchased from or for the Verizon Wireless network. 

You may purchase a CDMA network SIM card from Red Pocket Mobile, starting at just $10.00/month. Visit redpocket.com/plans and select CDMA. This CDMA SIM card will work with your unlocked iPhone or any Verizon Wireless-Compatible phone you choose. 

Can I use my unlocked phone outside of the U.S?

Unlocked phones can be used outside of the United States, as long as the internationally-based carrier is compatible with your device. For example, on some carriers, voice, text, and data may work just fine! On others, voice and text might work while data does not. Check your phone’s cellular network bands and contact the carrier you’re considering, to check compatibility. 

Can I lock my phone later to take advantage of offers?

Devices that are purchased unlocked cannot be locked at a later time to take advantage of promotional offers. If you are interested in a promotional offer, please select that offer during your order. 

Can I unlock my phone that I purchased locked?

Read our full unlock policy, here. Please note, phones purchased on a rebate promotion, that are unlocked for any reason will be disqualified from the $200 or otherwise advertised rebate amount. 

I selected just the phone unlocked without a plan, but now I want the unlocked phone offer. 

Devices that are purchased full price, without a new plan, cannot later take advantage of promotional offers. If you are interested in a promotional offer, please select that offer during your order.