Unlocking MyRed Pocket Mobile Device

Unlocking Guidelines for RedPocket Mobile devices. Understand criteria, exceptions, and submission processes. Details on iPhone offerings and special policy conditions.

If you've acquired a new device from RedPocket Mobile (visit www.redpocket.com/shop), certain conditions might make you eligible to unlock your device. Here's what you need to know:

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Note: Phones purchased from redpocket.com/shop when Carrier Unlocked is selected are unlocked upon delivery. Click here to learn more

Device Unlocking Guidelines and Exceptions

To be eligible for unlocking, your device must meet the following criteria:
  • The device has not been reported as lost, stolen, or fraud-related.
  • The device is not linked to a fraudulent account.
  • If you've bought a new iPhone from RedPocket Mobile, it must have twelve (12) months of continuous, paid active service on a single line with RedPocket Mobile.
  • RedPocket Mobile has approved your unlock request. Please note that we hold the discretion to unlock devices that might not meet the above prerequisites.
  • CoverageGenius is not available until the device lock has expired.

Submit Your Unlock Request:

To request an unlock, email us at support@redpocket.com.

Interested in a New iPhone?

Visit the RedPocket Shop page to explore our iPhone collection and find the ideal phone and plan combination for you.

Policy Exceptions:

  1. Devices bought at full retail price via our "Buy Unlocked" option without any subsidies are instantly eligible for unlocking.
  2. 11/23/2020 Sale Lock Policy: iPhones bought between 11/23/2020 and 12/08/2020 can be unlocked anytime.
  3. iPhone 12 Pre-order Policy: iPhones from the 12 series purchased before 11/20/2020 can be unlocked after six (6) months of active service. All other models require twelve (12) months.
  4. 3/18/2021 iPhone Offer: iPhones purchased on 3/18/2021 post 11 AM, unless bought via the "Unlocked" option at full price, are eligible for unlocking after six (6) months of service.
  5. 3/10/2022 to 9/14/2022 iPhone Purchases: iPhones bought in this period are bound to the 12-month lock policy, even if bought at full price without any bundled service plan. However, exceptions apply to purchases before 3/10/2022 using the “Buy Now Unlocked” option and those made after 9/14/2022 without discounts or bundled plans.
  6. Rebate Promotion: Unlocking iPhones bought under a rebate promotion voids the advertised rebate amount.

Need Assistance?

Reach out to our customer service at redpocket.com/contact-us to verify your eligibility for unlocking or to initiate an unlock request.