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Will My Phone Work With RedPocket Mobile?

Unlocked GSM phones can be used with any of our network options. Phones compatible with AT&T work on GSMA, those compatible with T-Mobile work on GSMT, and Verizon-compatible phones operate on CDMA.

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RedPocket Mobile provides service across all major U.S. networks, so almost any phone in the U.S. is compatible with our offerings!

Network Phones compatible with Red Pocket Mobile
CDMA Network This network is compatible with most LTE devices with Verizon and GSM unlocked devices.
GSMA Network This network supports most devices compatible with AT&T, GSM unlocked, and CDMA LTE unlocked. It offers 5G speeds for Android and iPhone devices.
GSMT Network This network is compatible with most devices suited for T-Mobile, GSM unlocked, and CDMA LTE unlocked. It delivers 5G speeds exclusively for compatible Android phones.

Can all VoLTE-compatible phones be activated?

Unfortunately, if your phone is not VoLTE compatible, it cannot be activated on the GSMA network. To learn more about the 3G shutdown and VoLTE devices, click here

To enable VoLTE on your phone, Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Enable LTE and select Voice & Data.

Are older devices compatible with VoLTE?

Some older devices may not be compatible with VoLTE. 

Is your device compatible with one of our networks?

Devices that work with AT&T and T-Mobile are typically GSM devices, while those that work with Sprint or Verizon are usually CDMA devices. However, newer unlocked iPhones can operate on any network because they support both GSM and CDMA.

What devices will NOT work with this service?

We accommodate many devices, but certain ones are exceptions. Specifically, the following are not supported:

  • Devices locked to Tracfone.
  • Devices branded by Boost/Virgin Mobile.
  • Devices reported as lost or stolen.
  • Devices flagged for fraud.
  • Devices currently under contract with another carrier.
  • Devices linked to accounts with outstanding payments to a carrier.

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