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Earn Reward Credit When You Refer a Friend or Family Member!

Sign up for Red Pocket Mobile's Referral Program. Earn up to $25 in credit towards your next plan payment for each friend you refer when they renew their plan.

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How to Generate a Referral Code and Earn Your Credit

  • Log into your account, click the Refer-A-Friend button, and generate a referral code.
  • Share your referral code with friends and encourage them to sign up via redpocket.com/plans.
  • Then, start earning reward credit towards your plan payment.

Read on to learn more about our Refer-A-Friend Program policy details, or click here! 

Red Pocket Mobile Referral Program Requirements

To earn rewards for referrals, you need to:

  1. Have an active Red Pocket account at least 30 days old, with a valid email and physical address.
  2. Make sure automatic refills are turned on. Need step-by-step instructions? Click here.
  3. Review and understand the Refer-a-Friend Program Terms & Conditions (policy details are also below).
  4. Whoever you refer must successfully activate their SIM card and port in a phone number, and their plan must be renewed at least once

Rules for Referrers

  1. Referrers will receive one credit for each successful referral that results in a new account activation and a second-month renewal.
  2. You must be an active Red Pocket Mobile subscriber on a valid monthly plan* in good standing to earn rewards for your referrals.
  3. You cannot refer yourself. You cannot refer to a line added to an existing account. Referred lines must bring an existing line from another carrier at activation.
  4. You cannot exceed $500 in rewards per calendar year. Note: if you are a professional marketer or would like to refer a large volume of customers to Red Pocket, fantastic! Please check out our outstanding affiliate program designed especially for the active marketer. 
  5. After your recipient successfully activates and renews their Red Pocket Mobile account, you will be notified via email that you have earned a reward. YOU MUST CLICK ON THE LINK PROVIDED IN THE EMAIL TO CLAIM YOUR REWARD SO THE CREDIT CAN BE APPLIED TO YOUR ACCOUNT. Account credits will not be issued if rewards are unclaimed.
  6. Please allow 6 weeks after each successful referral for the service credit to be applied. When the service credit is applied, we will send you an email notification.
  7. You will receive the appropriate reward credit based on the plan selected in the tables below, upon the recipient's second month of service (renewal). Single credits cannot be used for multiple months.

Rules for Recipients

  1. Unlock your Red Pocket Mobile Referral Program offer with your referral code during checkout. You will receive $5 off of the purchase of a phone or up to $25 off of your first month of service for any plan. 
  2. Once you complete your plan and SIM order, you must activate it on a Red Pocket Mobile plan within 30 days and perform a minimum of one monthly plan renewal for the referrer to earn credit.

*Not all plans/accounts are eligible.

NOTE: Not all Red Pocket plans and/or accounts can participate in the Red Pocket Mobile Referral Program. Please see the Terms & Conditions for details, including excluded plans and the complete program rules. Terms, rules, and offers are subject to change and/or end at any time without notice.