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Unable to make and receive calls

Red Pocket Mobile is aware of a system issue affecting customers on the GSMA network. We are working to resolve the problem, we appreciate your patience. 

If you are having problems with calling and texting, please attempt standard troubleshooting steps, including turning your phone off and on again and checking for APN network settings. It's possible your device is not affected by the system issue and troubleshooting your phone will fix the problem. 

Note: this article contains important troubleshooting steps. However, if you find that you are able to successfully make a call but that call drops, please read our What to do about dropped calls help center article for additional troubleshooting steps. 


Complete the following steps:


1. Turn your phone off and on again. 

Turning your phone off and back on again, called a "power cycle" allows your phone to reset and restart, removing any blockers that may have been created during everyday use thermal stress, or software errors. Wait 10 seconds after turning the device off to turn it on again. 

2. Make sure Airplane Mode and Cellular Data are set

Disable Airplane Mode on your Android phone by going to Settings > Network & Internet Settings > Airplane Mode. Turn the Airplane Mode setting to OFF. 

On some phones, your Network & Internet settings may be called Cellular, Connections, Mobile Internet, or some other variation. Turn the Cellular Data setting to ON. 

3. Check your APN network settings

APN settings allow your device to connect. When configured incorrectly, you'll have problems with your internet connection, and calling and texting functionality may be affected as well. Skip this step if you're using a newer iPhone device, as these settings can only be managed automatically.

Visit redpocket.com/configure for more information on these steps. 


If, after troubleshooting, the problem continues, you may be affected by the system issue. Fill out this form so that we can ensure you're included in the system resolution if needed.  We will share an update on this page once the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.