What happens to my cellular plan if I erase my eSIM?

If you delete your eSIM, your cellular plan has not been canceled. You have options depending on how you'd like to proceed. 


You still want to use your Red Pocket Mobile plan

No problem! Contact us to receive a replacement eSIM. Once an eSIM has been deleted from your phone, it cannot be reused or restored. However, we can issue you a new SIM and connect your current account details (including plan and phone number) to your new eSIM. 

Once you receive your new eSIM, complete the setup steps once again. Note that you do not need to activate this new eSIM, we'll do that part for you. However, you will need to complete the setup and installation process again to download and install the new eSIM onto your phone.

Click here to contact us, and request your new eSIM

Read this article once you have your new eSIM to complete the setup and installation steps. 


You no longer want to use your Red Pocket Mobile plan

No problem. Contact us to cancel your account. You must contact us to have your account deactivated. Deleting or disabling your eSIM will not automatically cancel your account. 
Click here to contact us and have your account deactivated.