What is an activation PIN and how do I use it?

After some annual and eBay plan purchases, you'll receive an activation PIN, which contains your pre-paid plan. Learn how to find it and how to use it.

What is an Activation PIN? 

An Activation PIN is a 14 digit PIN code that should be used at the time of activation. You'll receive this PIN when you purchase a Red Pocket Mobile SIM card alongside a Red Pocket Mobile talk, text and/or data plan from select third-parties. Typically, these PIN codes are provided with eBay and Amazon orders.

PINs and pre-loaded plans expire after 90 days. Be sure to activate your service plan within 90 days of purchase and PIN delivery. 

Amazon and eBay orders

An activation PIN is included with some online orders and, if so, will be indicated in the product description at the time of purchase.

Amazon and eBay SIM kit orders with plans come with an Activation PIN. If you are ordering through Amazon, your PIN will be sent to you through Amazon messaging within 1 business day of placing your order. If you are ordering through eBay, your PIN will be sent to you through email, using the email address you have on file with eBay, within 1 business day.

If you have placed an Amazon or eBay order and have questions or concerns about your Activation PIN, please use Amazon or eBay messaging to contact our specialized customer service teams. 

Orders from the Red Pocket Mobile website

Redpocket.com orders do not include an Activation PIN. Instead you'll receive a Confirmation Code with your SIM card purchase, which comes pre-loaded with the plan that you purchased. At the time of activation, the system will immediately recognize your pre-loaded plan. For more information about Red Pocket Mobile plans, visit redpocket.com/plans

Can my Activation PIN be used as a refill PIN? 

No. Activation PINs are used to start up a new phone line. You must purchase a refill PIN to renew the plan for an existing Red Pocket Mobile line. Click here to learn more about refill pins.