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What Kind of Products Does RedPocket Mobile Sell?

RedPocket Mobile sells brand-new 5G iPhones at a discount, plus flagship Android phones, LTE flip phones, and tablets -- all at affordable prices. eSIM plans are now available.

Calling Plans, Phones, Tablets, and Hotspots

Purchase a calling plan from RedPocket and get unlimited talk, text, and data on your 5G or LTE phone. Plus, you will get free international calls to over 80 countries.

RedPocket also offers new Apple iPhone models and Android phones through Samsung’s Certified Pre-Owned program, hotspots for on-the-go internet, tablets, and the latest accessories, like Apple AirPods.

Visit redpocket.com/shop to see products. 

SIM Cards

RedPocket Mobile sells SIM cards in every size (nano-SIM card, mini-SIM card, and micro-SIM card sizes). Your RedPocket Mobile SIM is compatible with nearly any 5G or LTE-capable device and contains your talk, text, and data plan. 

  • Digital eSIMs are available for compatible device models, allowing for faster activation and multiple phone lines on one device.
  • Individual SIM cards for a single phone line are available from redpocket.com/plans
  • Family plan cards provide connectivity for the whole family! Visit redpocket.com/family

Brand New Apple iPhone Models

RedPocket Mobile proudly offers the newest Apple iPhone models, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max! Visit redpocket.com/iphone to see all of our available products. Click here to learn more

Android Phones 

RedPocket Mobile sells high-quality, certified pre-owned Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.  Visit redpocket.com/android to see all of our available products. Click here to learn more

Can I Get More Than One Product on the Same Account?

Yes! You can purchase one device or calling plan at a time. However, you can make as many purchases for RedPocket Mobile plans (SIMs/ eSIMs) or products as possible. Log into your RedPocket Mobile account at checkout.  

If you purchase over 5 calling plans (SIMs/ eSIMs), consider signing up for our SMB (Small - Mid-Sized Business) program. Contact an SMB representative for rates. Email sales@redpocket.com

Can I Trade In My Old Device? 

Absolutely. RedPocket Mobile partnered with Phobio to provide customers with buyback and trade-in options. Phobio offers some of the highest trade-in rates in the industry. 

What About Dual SIM Phones?

Of course. RedPocket Mobile SIM cards can be used with Dual SIM card phones. Please note that many dual SIM phones only allow internet connectivity from one SIM card, although the phone numbers from both SIMs will be fully functional simultaneously.

Place the RedPocket Mobile SIM card into your phone’s 1st or “primary” SIM card slot to access the data in your RedPocket Mobile plan. 

I Want to Bring my Own Phone. Which Devices Are Compatible With Your Service?

RedPocket Mobile offers calling plans on every major network in the U.S. 

GSMA: Works with AT&T-compatible phones and all GSM-unlocked phones. GSMA is the largest, most widely available network in the country. 5G is included for select phones**. 

GSMT: Works with T-Mobile compatible phones and all GSM unlocked phones. GSMT offers some of the fastest speeds in the nation. 5G is included for select phones**. 

CDMA: Works with Verizon-compatible phones and all GSM-unlocked phones. CDMA is the most popular and reliable network in the U.S. 

Click here to learn more about compatible devices.

Can I Use a Tablet For Calling And Texting?

Tablets cannot be used for calling or texting, as they do not come with a native calling or texting application or contain cellular calling functionality.

However, you can download OTT (over the top) or VoIP applications, like Skype or WhatsApp, to make and receive calls or send/ receive text messages. 

*Where coverage is available. Visit redpocket.com/coverage to see if coverage is available near you. **Only select phones compatible with Red Pocket Mobile 5G on the GSMA or GSMT network. Click here for compatible devices