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Why can't I accept calls on my newly activated CDMA Account?

Having trouble making or receiving calls? Follow the simple steps below to begin using your CDMA account.  

1. Program your device.

  • OTA Programming for 3G devices
    • If your device is CDMA non-LTE capable (3G), please dial *22890 or *228. 
    • Once you have dialed and reached OTA Programming.  You will hear the following prompt:   “Welcome to Over the Air Programming.  Please hold while we program your phone.  This call is Airtime Free"
    • Once programming has completed, the device will reboot.
  • If your device is CDMA LTE Compatible, you can start talking, texting and surfing the web, simply put the SIM card into the device and power it on. 

2. Do a test call.

  •     Dial any number or simply dial 611. This will prompt you to set up your voice mail.
  •      Follow the prompts to set up your voice mail
  •      Once Voice Mail has been set up, your initial call will complete and you can start accepting calls.

3. Renew your service!

Visit redpocket.com/my-lines and click on your line. Select Add Credit or upgrade your plan, if needed.