Add more minutes, text messages, high-speed data

Add minutes, texts, and data to your account at any time

If you're running low on minutes, text messages, or high-speed data, consider purchasing an Add-On. You can apply add-on credits to your account at any time, by logging in at

  1. Click on your line.
  2. Click on the "Add-Ons" tab.
  3. Choose a minutes, text messages, or data add-on.  
  4. Checkout.

Credits expire when your billing cycle ends. Add-ons do not roll over. Any unused minutes, text messages, or data from add-ons will expire when your billing cycle renews. 


How it works

Credits will be added to your account immediately after successful checkout. If you do not see the additional credit right away, try refreshing your webpage. Add-ons do not roll over to your next month of service. Any add-ons you purchase will expire at the end of your current billing cycle.

You can add credit to your account as often as you like. If you find yourself regularly adding credit to your account, consider upgrading your plan instead. Click here to learn how.


International Calling credits 

Red Pocket Mobile offers free International Calling to over 80 countries. Calling one of these countries does not deduct any credit from your International Calling credit balance. If you would like to place a call to a country outside of the free list, you'll use international calling credit. Great news! Red Pocket Mobile supplies all phone lines with $10 of international calling credit every month. If you need even more, you can add $10.00 of international calling credit to your account at any time.


How many minutes do I get from $10.00 of international calling credit? 

The number of minutes you receive from your $10.00 international calling credit depends on the country you are calling to. Visit to see how far your credit will go. 

You will only need International Calling credits if you're trying to reach a number located outside of our list of free supported countries


What credits are available?

Credit rates may change. Not all lines or networks will see all of the add-ons listed below. For example, Unlimited Talk and Unlimited Text accounts cannot add Minutes or Text Messages.

Not sure how much credit you need? This FAQ can help

To see available Add-On credits, how much data you'll receive and the price, please login to your online account at, click on your line, and then click on the "Add-Ons" tab from your Account Menu. 

Add-ons do not rollover. Unused add-ons will expire at the end of your billing cycle.


Other Add-Ons / Account Services

Red Pocket Mobile offers services to enhance the functionality of your talk, text, and data plans. Services include:

  • Visual voicemail services for CDMA lines and GSMA Android lines.
  • Phone Protection Plans for new phone customers.

Learn more about visual voicemail

Learn more about phone protection