Getting an eSIM with your iPhone

Red Pocket Mobile offers brand new flagship Apple iPhones, now with eSIM technology! Here's how to get your hands on it.

Purchase an iPhone from and select the GSMA network. Your eSIM is automatically delivered to you by email once you place your iPhone order, taking the question of compatibility out of the equation.


Step 1: Select an iPhone from Red Pocket Mobile by going to

Step 2: Choose the GSMA network when you order. Your order will automatically come with an eSIM when GSMA is selected, and a confirmation code (necessary for the 5-minute, online activation process).

Step 3: Receive your eSIM automatically by email. Always available! Never worry about losing your SIM card, and no need to hassle with SIM card removal tools. 

Step 4: Receive your brand new Apple iPhone in the mail. 

Step 5: Visit to start the activation process. Enter the confirmation code that was sent to you after placing your order, to easily and quickly detect your plan. 

Step 6: Complete the activation process and eSIM installation process in under 5 minutes! 

Step 7: Begin placing calls and sending texts with your new Red Pocket Mobile phone line.

Take advantage of 5G, free international calling to 80 countries worldwide (plus, a free $10 monthly international calling credit to everywhere else), VoLTE, Visual Voicemail, and round-the-clock customer support in 4 languages. 

Welcome to Red Pocket Mobile!