How do I switch between Red Pocket's networks?

One of the great things about Red Pocket Mobile is that you can change networks if you would like to try different towers, have a new device, or are just trying to find the right coverage for you. We do our best to make this unique Red Pocket benefit easy!

Please Note! Not all plans are compatible with all networks. Please check to see if the plan you're interested in will be offered for your preferred network. Click here for a list of plans

Step One: Obtain a new SIM Card for your desired new network

Please note that to switch networks you will need to obtain a SIM Card. for that network If you do not already have a SIM Card compatible with the new network that you would like to switch to, you may obtain a SIM Card by:

  • Purchasing a replacement SIM Card at or by clicking here. Please be sure to select the compatible SIM Card for the new network that you would like. This option is recommended for customers who have existing months of services they wish to transfer to a new SIM Card. Click here to learn more. 
  • OR
  • Purchasing a new SIM Card which includes the first month of service at or by clicking here. Select the plan that would like to attach to your new SIM card along and choose your desired network. Please note the plan you select here will replace your existing plan upon activation.

Step Two: Make the switch!

Once you have your new Compatible SIM Card, please contact us by emailing us at and indicate that you would like to transfer your existing phone number to another network. Please include the following information in your email:

  • The Red Pocket Mobile number that you would like to transfer to another network
  • The SIM Card ICCID number that you would like to use
  • Your device ID (ESN/MEID/IMEI#)

Once we receive your email, we will endeavor to process your network transfer request within 1 business day. Please keep in mind that although we attempt to process network transfers as quickly as possible, delays due to our underlying carriers sometimes occur.