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Setup your TickTalk watch after activation

Getting Started

TickTalk has partnered with Red Pocket Mobile to bring you the most reliable service at the most affordable monthly rates. 

GSMA is ideal for those looking for the largest coverage in the United States, while GSMT is perfect for those seeking fast speeds. Select the network you prefer on the TickTalk website, when making your purchase. 


Service is available within the United States. Roaming is currently unavailable. Visit redpocket.com/coverage, and click on your network, to see available coverage. 



Let’s setup your TickTalk 3.0 -- the best performing kid’s smartwatch! After buying your smartwatch, TickTalk will ship your device and Red Pocket Mobile SIM card. 

Step 1: When you receive it, head over to redpocket.com/activate to start the activation process. You’ll need to sign up for a Red Pocket Mobile online account, so click on Register and then fill out the form. 

Step 2: Next, enter your Red Pocket Mobile SIM card’s ICCID number and click VALIDATE

Step 3: When you validate your SIM card, you must be ready to activate a new phone number, or bring a phone number over from another carrier. 

If you plan to bring a phone number over from another carrier, make sure you have the Account and PIN number from your previous carrier.  Click here to learn more about bringing over a phone number.

After your SIM Card is validated, you’ll be able to select a monthly plan. 

We offer amazingly affordable monthly talk, text and data plans for your TickTalk smartwatch, starting at just $10 per month. Visit https://www.redpocket.com/plans at any time, to take a look at our full list of available plans. 


Changing your Red Pocket Mobile plan

Change your plan whenever you like, by logging into your Red Pocket Mobile account at https://www.redpocket.com/login.


Insert your SIM card

Make sure your smartwatch is turned off. Then remove the SIM card tray from the back of the smartwatch. If you need help with this step, TickTalk has a YouTube video that walks you through the steps here. See the second video labeled Step 2 Inserting the SIM


After you've removed the SIM card tray from the back of the TickTalk smartwatch, put the Red Pocket Mobile Micro SIM card (the middle size SIM) on the SIM card tray. Make sure the gold side is facing up.


Lastly, put the SIM card tray back into your smartwatch and turn the watch on. 

You should receive a network connection and then you should see the connection icon (in the middle, at the top of the watch screen) turn white. It may take up to 15 minutes for your watch to receive a connection, so please give it a moment. 

If you’re not seeing a connection after 15 minutes, you may need to complete the following steps to configure APN (access point name) or data connection settings on your phone.   


Can I switch from the GSMA SIM card to the GSMT SIM card (and vice versa)?

You may switch between GSMA and GSMT SIM cards, however TickTalk may not provide you with another Red Pocket Mobile SIM. To switch SIMs, visit our website https://www.redpocket.com/plans to purchase the SIM card (and plan) you prefer. 

Anytime you use a new SIM card in your smartwatch, you will need to reconfigure APN settings.  Visit our FAQ website for instructions on setting your SIM card’s APN settings. 

APN instructions for GSMT SIM Cards

APN instructions for GSMA SIM Cards


Already a Red Pocket Mobile customer, but new to TickTalk? 

Purchase a TickTalk 3.0 smartwatch on TickTalk’s website at https://www.myticktalk.com/. Then, insert your SIM card into the watch and follow the APN configuration steps mentioned above. 

When you're read to begin using your device, read our "How to use your TickTalk watch" article. 

If you have trouble connecting, please click here to reach out to a support representative. For any other problems, please take a look at TickTalk's list of troubleshooting FAQs. Click here.