The 4 best unlimited wireless plans

Red Pocket Mobile has a plan for everyone! Our unlimited talk, text, and data plans include 5G and free worldwide international calls from the US.

There are no one-time setup fees, no activation fees, and you can bring your phone number over in just a few minutes. 

If you’re not sure which plan will work best for you, we can help! Keep reading to find your perfect fit, and don’t worry, you can change your plan at any time. 

Best overall plan

Red Pocket Mobile’s $30 per month, 10GBs of high-speed data plan is the best overall plan for everyday use. 10GBs of high-speed data is perfect for browsing the web, posting regularly on social media, and occasionally streaming. Get up to 10GBs of 5G data.

Best plan for road warriors

Red Pocket Mobile’s $40 per month, 25GBs of high-speed data plan is the best choice for the on-the-go road warrior. 25GBs of data is perfect for emails, video calls, and web browsing, plus, stay entertained with light streaming and media consumption. 

Best plan for cost cutters

Red Pocket Mobile’s $20 per month, 3GBs of high-speed data plan is ideal for cost-cutters and budget-conscious shoppers. You’ll save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, every year when you choose this Unlimited Everything plan without sacrificing internet access.

Best plan for power users

Our full-service, 50GBs of high-speed data plan for just $50 per month is the best choice when you want the best of everything. With 50GBs of high-speed 5G data, you’re completely untethered. Calling, texting, browsing, streaming – whatever you need to do and wherever you need to do it, this plan will keep you connected.