How do I setup my phone on the GSMA network?




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    I needed to add the MVNO type & MVNO value. Sharp Aquos R2 Compact, Android 10.

    Name Red Pocket Mobile
    Proxy Not set
    Port Not set
    Username Not set
    Password Not set
    Server Not set
    MMS Proxy
    MMS Port 80
    MCC 310
    MNC 410
    Authentication Type None
    APN Type Default,mms,supl
    APN Protocol IPv4
    Bearer Unspecified

    MVNO type GID

    MVNO value Not set

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    Jeffrey Patrick

    I had trouble getting hotspot to work. Customer service recommended that I change my MVNO type to GID, but my APN doesn't have MVNO type or value available for altering. They also suggested that my phone wasn't completely unlocked. I found a fix somewhere on the web. I added ",dun" to APN type and it started working. Here's the APN I am successfully using. on my (GSMA)LG G6. The APN settings that aren't listed below should remain untouched. Good luck!
    Name Red Pocket
    APN Reseller
    MMS proxy
    MMS port 80
    MCC 310
    MNC 410
    APN type default,mms,supl,dun
    APN protocol IPv4
    APN roaming protocol IPv4

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    GSMA network.

    Data works perfectly on the phone. Open the phone's browser, surf, use internet apps, etc.

    Tethering and portable hotspot option is greyed out. 

    I pull the back off the phone and insert a SIM from a Verizon MVNO. Tethering and portable hotspot option becomes available.

    Turn the hotspot on. 

    Pull the Verizon SIM and re-insert the RedPocket. Hotspot works perfectly. 

    Turn the hotspot off, it immediately greys out again and can't turn it back on. 

    This has been going on for nearly a week since I switched to RedPocket. Anyone else having this problem? 

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