How do I activate my e-SIM?

Activate your SIM card from During the activation process, choose a new phone number or bring a number over from another wireless carrier.


Quick question: Are you looking for setup steps?

If you have already completed the online activation process and now you want to install your eSIM onto your phone, please click here instead.

How to purchase an eSIM from Red Pocket Mobile. 

Order your plan from and select eSIM as your delivery method on the checkout page. You may also purchase a brand new iPhone and select GSMA as your plan network. Our iPhones are shipping with eSIMs automatically, read our FAQ on iPhone and eSIM to learn more

Important: Please allow 5 minutes before activating your eSIM after your purchase.

Once your order is complete, you'll receive a confirmation code with a record of your plan selection. Enter the confirmation code at to activate your new line. 

You can only transfer a phone number in from another wireless carrier during the activation process. If you choose to get a new number, you cannot transfer a number in afterward.

After your activation is complete, your eSIM QR code will be generated and ready to install onto your phone. eSIMs can only be used with phones that are eSIM-compatible. Click here for a list of eSIM-compatible phones

Ready to install your new eSIM profile onto your phone?

Great! We can help. Click here to read our FAQ and learn how to install your new eSIM profile.


Please note!

Once your eSIM has been installed onto your phone, it cannot be reused or installed onto another device. In addition, once the eSIM has been deleted and removed from your phone, it cannot be retrieved! If you have any questions about your eSIM phone line, please contact us before removing it from your phone.